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  • Useful gifts for new parents

    Every new parent should expect a baby shower soon. It’s a remarkable event in a new mom’s life and hence, worthy of celebration. There is one problem as guests, though—the gifts! Clothes, diapers, pacifiers—these presents are great for the baby, but how about the parents? When purchasing gifts, one can consider purchasing something of use […]
  • 3 Reasons You Should Shop For Kids Clothes Online

    Around 5 million Singaporeans use the internet regularly, with more than half of the users engaging in online shopping. If you haven’t tried shopping for baby clothes and accessories online in Singapore, then maybe you should! Buying products online can sometimes be more convenient than hitting up a mall with its crowd! What are some […]
  • Getting Dressed: When Should Toddlers Learn How to Dress Themselves?

    Growth is the evidence of life, and with it comes independence. For babies, becoming independent starts about 6 to 7 months after birth. Around this time, they start to develop an understanding of separateness and as they grow older, become increasingly aware of their existence. Such a concept is called ‘development milestone’. According to the […]

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