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  • How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

    After giving birth, budget-consciousness will become one of your top priorities. You will realize that spending wisely is a must with a newborn because extra expenses will start rolling in! Hence, while raising a child gives you a new purpose in life, it can also mean great financial pressures, particularly for first-time parents. With child […]
  • A Mom’s Guide: How to Dress the Kids Up for Special Occasions

    Events, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or a religious event you’re attending, is a perfect time to get your family all glammed up. Dressing up is fun and therapeutic for most of u but when it comes to kids, you’ll want to dress up them up in a way that’s comfortable for them and […]
  • Why Do Moms Twin Outfits with Their Kids?

    For quite some time, dressing your child as your exact mini-me version seemed to be way out of vogue. Lately, though, we have been seeing a trend, often hashtagged on social media as #twinning, where mom-and-daughter duos pose with their cute, matching outfits. Should you join the trend? The History of Mother-Daughter Matching Outfits The […]

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