Newborn Checklist: The Things You Need to Prepare When Expecting

Finding the perfect clothes for your baby girl or boy in Singapore? There are other things to check out too. Here are things you need to prepare for your baby.

Minimalism: How to Create A Capsule Wardrobe for Your Baby

What’s a capsule wardrobe, anyway? Know which baby boy and girl clothes to buy in Singapore! Here are ways on how you can build a capsule wardrobe for your baby.

How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

After giving birth, budget-consciousness will become one of your top priorities. You will realize that spending wisely is a must with a newborn because extra expenses will start rolling in! Hence, while raising a child gives you a new purpose in life, it can also mean great financial pressures, particularly for first-time parents. With child […]

A Mom’s Guide: How to Dress the Kids Up for Special Occasions

Events, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or a religious event you’re attending, is a perfect time to get your family all glammed up. Dressing up is fun and therapeutic for most of u but when it comes to kids, you’ll want to dress up them up in a way that’s comfortable for them and […]

Why Do Moms Twin Outfits with Their Kids?

For quite some time, dressing your child as your exact mini-me version seemed to be way out of vogue. Lately, though, we have been seeing a trend, often hashtagged on social media as #twinning, where mom-and-daughter duos pose with their cute, matching outfits. Should you join the trend? The History of Mother-Daughter Matching Outfits The […]

Practical Tips to Mix and Match Your Kids’ Outfits

Let’s be honest – we all have had those crazy mornings when your kids seem to have nothing to wear, not because you haven’t done the laundry yet but because their outfits just aren’t quite coming together. While we can’t literally dress the kids for you, we can share with you a few tips on […]

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