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30 April, 2018

Stylish Newborn Baby Boy Rompers

A little thought goes a long way…

OETEO (ee-tay-o) creates dressing solutions that really work so that you can struggle less and snuggle more.

baby boy romper Singapore

Ever wondered why EASYEO baby boy rompers come with Lap Shoulder design?

For the first few months, newborn babies have wobbly heads and weak neck muscles.  The Lap Shoulder design provides easy stretch at the neck opening to go over baby’s head to protect the baby’s fragile head and neck muscles when you dress your baby.  For newborn baby boys, choose baby rompers with lap shoulder design that provides maximum stretch like the EASYEO Black Winding Runway Baby Romper.

OEKO-TEX® certified fabric - safe for babies

Fashioned with 100% Cotton, OETEO’s EASYEO Essential Rompers Collection is made with OEKO-TEX® certified fabric so you can be assured that your baby boy is dressed in a romper that is free of harmful substances.

Check out the EASYEO Blue Curious Baby Boy Romper for your newborn as the world is a curious place for little babies who are naturally curious to find out how everything works.

baby boy rompers Singapore

baby boy rompers Singapore

No Zips, No Snaps, No Buttons - Fastening free for fuss-free dressing

Every new parent has one time or another fumbled with snaps and buttons while dressing up their baby.  Believe it or not, with the EASYEO romper that comes with no fastening, your days of fumbling with snaps and buttons while dressing up your baby is over!

Designed in Singapore, this patent-pending design uses an elastic waistband to create a gentle snug-fit around the waist of your baby and enables ease of movement to keep your baby cosy all day long.

Embrace positivity with the Origami Birds Ohayo Baby Boy Romper.  Putting on this Kimono inspired baby romper will be such a breeze with our patent pending fastening-free romper construction.  You can be assured that you are headed off for a pleasant and good start in the morning.

baby rompers Singapore

baby boy rompers Singapore

Inbuilt Mittens & Footies – For That Extra Warmth

Every baby is special and precious.  OETEO would like to make it extra special for your baby.

Because of that, little additional thoughts went into the construction of our baby rompers.  With inbuilt mittens and footies, your little one will embrace that extra coziness of our EASYWEAR when the weather turns chilly.

Blue Tsuru Crane EASYWEAR romper is a great choice for baby boy rompers if you are looking for that something extra in your baby rompers.

baby boy rompers Singapore


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