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Baby Rompers Singapore

Baby Rompers

9 February, 2018

Shopping for Baby Rompers

Shopping for tiny adorable newborn clothes must be one of the most exciting parts in getting ready for the arrival of a newborn baby.

A baby will need several changes of clothing in a day as babies can be messy! Without careful planning, shopping for newborn baby apparel can quickly become a major investment and a time-consuming activity.

baby rompers singapore

Comfort is key

Dressing a wriggly newborn can be a struggle. Many babies protest while being changed. The feeling of being exposed in the cold air while being dressed can be rather uncomfortable and distressing for babies. A baby romper which is a one-piece garment with some closure near the crotch to allow for diaper change is a popular choice among parents. Baby rompers are convenient for diaper changes and are easy to move in for the active baby or toddler.

Choose baby rompers with lap shoulder or lap neck opening

While shopping for baby rompers, choose those that come with the Lap Shoulder or Lap Neck opening. These are baby rompers that comes with overlapping fabric on either side of the neck. The Lap Shoulder or Lap Neck opening facilitates easy dressing as it provides stretch at the neck hole for newborn babies who have heads that are a little wobbly. When the baby has a diaper blowout, the baby romper can be stretched over the baby’s shoulder and pulled down to avoid the mess.

baby rompers singapore


Zips, snaps and buttons are the most common type of fasteners on a garment. Try to get baby rompers with fasteners that are easy to handle. Imagine trying to button the baby romper while the baby wriggles and flails his arms and legs. This is definitely not an easy feat! Otherwise, you can consider trying the EASYEO romper from #embraceoeteo. Combining patent pending romper construction with design, the EASYEO romper has no fastening for easier dressing and more time for fun together.

Easy care is important

A newborn will need several pieces of baby rompers to get through the day because of spit ups, leaky diapers and messy blow ups. You can avoid hours of baby laundry if you purchase low maintenance, machine washable baby garments. Make sure you study the label on that adorable baby romper and it says “machine washable." Otherwise you will need to hand wash that garment. Be sure to wash the baby garments before your baby wears them as there might be leftover manufacturing chemicals on the clothes. Washing will help to remove any substances or dust that may irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Baby clothes made of 100% cotton are durable, breathable, comfortable and wash well.

baby clothes online singapore

baby clothes singapore

Watch for hazards on baby clothes

Anything that is not securely attached to the baby romper can be a potential choking hazard as babies tend to place anything in their mouths. Any trimmings like frills or ribbons that look cute but can be pulled off should be only considered when your baby is older. Avoid baby clothes with drawstrings as these may cause strangulation. Go for elastic bands instead. Check every baby garment after each wash as clothes can come apart in the washing machine. Remove loose threads or buttons if necessary before use.

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