Baby gift set for baby shower

Great Gifting Ideas For A Baby Shower

Great Gifting Ideas for a Baby Shower

It’s the time of the year when baby showers are happening in a flurry – everyone is joyously celebrating and anticipating new life entering the world! Despite the festivities, thinking of a good gift for parents and newborn babies can be mind-wrecking work. We give you perfect and practical gift ideas to express your heartfelt congratulations at friends’ and family’s baby showers:


Baby items appreciated by every parent

gift for toddlers

  1. The number one most popular gift given and received at baby showers is newborn baby clothes. Every newborn needs comfy clothes to wear after birth, and a good quality piece of baby clothing can make all the difference in terms of comfort and practicality. Mini mittens, onesies, bibs, booties – the best fun in choosing baby clothing is browsing the cutest, most adorable miniature designs for the smallest humans alive!

blankets for a newborn baby clothes

2. Newborns need blankets and swaddles to keep them nice and cosy – especially on Singapore’s cooler, rainier days. Swaddling a newborn is supposed to create a snug environment, similar to the mother’s womb, and help the baby to feel safe and secure. Alternatively, it is also a good practice to wrap a blanket tightly around a newborn to keep them warm and sleeping more soundly.

comfortable bed linens for a newborn baby

3. Since newborns spend most of their time sleeping, bed linens are an item needed by all parents of babies. Parents usually have to change a newborn’s bedding once to twice in a week, and more often when the baby drools, spits or has diaper blow-outs!


Choosing the right fit for baby clothes

Picking the right sizes of clothing for newborn babies can be confusing – especially with the various size categories that baby clothes are grouped into! The ‘Preemie’ size, for example, is for premature babies, born before 37 weeks, who are smaller in size (about 47cm or 2.6kg). ‘Newborn’ sizes can accommodate newborn babies (born between 37 – 40 weeks) that are 48 – 51cm or 2.9 – 3.6kg. ‘Newborn’ sizes usually fit the baby for the first 1 or 2 weeks after birth before a bigger size is needed.

Clothing sizes depend on each child, so a larger newborn may not get to even fit the ‘Newborn’ size, or a smaller newborn may wear the ‘Newborn’ sized clothes for a longer period of 4 to 6 weeks. ‘0-3M’ is short for 0 to 3 months, and is a suitable clothing size for after the baby outgrows its ‘Newborn’ clothing.

OETEO Size Chart

When finding a gift for a baby shower, you have no way of knowing how big or small the newborn will be. It is recommended that you pick either a mixture of ‘Newborn’ and ‘0-3M’ sizes to accommodate the baby’s growth or even ‘0-3M’ and ‘3-6M’ clothes to play it safe. Some newborns grow extra fast – and it never hurts to get bigger sizes!


Amount of baby clothes to give

It is up to you how many baby clothes you want to give for a baby shower! Baby clothing is sometimes sold in bundles of two or three, which makes a nice set for a present. If you are up for some fun, you can also choose single pieces of baby clothing for mixing and matching alongside other accessories like bibs, mittens, booties or blankets.

Of course, the easiest way to decide the right amount to give is to get a newborn baby gift set – everything bundled up into one cute and tidy gift. Our Newborn Essential Bundle Set, for instance, includes a Newborn Baby Easyeo Romper, Removable Bib, Beanie, Mittens, Booties, and a Blanket – and suits babies that are 0 to 3 months.

newborn baby clothes gift set in Singapore

4. The Little Sprout Box by OETEO is another lovely baby gift set that is customisable according to the number of apparel you want to gift – 3, 6 or 18 – it’s up to you! 

With the great range of newborn baby clothes and accessories available in Singapore and these useful tips, you don’t have to worry about what to get for a baby shower. Just enjoy the shopping fun!

Buy innovative and comfortable newborn baby clothes in Singapore at our online store here.

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