Great Gifting Ideas For A Baby Shower

Great Gifting Ideas for a Baby Shower It’s the time of the year when baby showers are happening in a flurry – everyone is joyously celebrating and anticipating new life entering the world! Despite the festivities, thinking of a good gift for parents and newborn babies can be mind-wrecking work. We give you perfect and […]

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10 Common Baby Skin Care Questions Answered

Your newborn baby’s skin needs delicate and tender-loving care. But with so many conflicting tips on the internet, how do you know which advice to follow? In collaboration with skin care experts from BIODERMA and dermatologist Dr Ker Khor Jia, OETEO aims to answers your burning questions, debunk common myths, and provide the top tips […]

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Fathers’ Role in Developing Their Kid’s Confidence

  Fathers are incredibly significant influences and play a crucial role in the growth and development of their children. Children with active fathers who are involved in their activities and decision-making process, even in small things like choosing baby clothes (many times on an online store now, with the situation in Singapore!) are positively affected […]

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Mummy & Baby Hospital Bag Packing List

As mums ourselves who have gone through the whole scary process of childbirth, we know how important a packing list is, so we’ve written this post that you can save for when it’s your turn to bring a beautiful little human into the world! Your hospital bag should be ready for you to grab and […]

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