What to consider when buying baby clothes in Singapore?

Shopping for baby clothes might feel like a paradise of ultra-cuteness until you realise that there are many essential things to consider to keep your baby safe and comfy! Material, size, safety and functionality are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when you’re finding the best clothes for your young one. Here is all you need to know about buying baby clothes in Singapore.



If you’re shopping for baby clothes before the newborn baby has arrived, it’s impossible to predict how large the baby will be. All newborns come in different sizes – so finding the right size is not as simple as following the ‘Preemie’ or ‘Newborn’ sizes! Since newborns grow at an astounding rate, it’s better to buy bigger sizes than clothes that are too small to fit, or ones that get outgrown too fast. We recommend that you get the ‘0 – 3 months’ or ‘3 – 6 months’ sizes if you are preparing for a newborn that has not been delivered. 

Baby clothes sizes also follow a height and weight chart, for example, a ‘0 – 3 months’ size is meant to fit a 55 – 61cm or 3.6 – 5.7kg child. If you are buying clothes for your already born child, you will be able to estimate clothes sizes to get based on his height and weight. However, sometimes your baby may fit a ‘0 – 3 months’ size for his height, but a ‘3 – 6 months’ size for his weight. The golden rule is to always buy the bigger size! You can always roll up the sleeves and pant legs if too big for your baby – and your little one will surely grow to become not-so-little faster than you imagine. 



Each adorable piece of clothing might put you under a spell that makes you forget to consider comfort! We all love style, but comfort must take the lead for children as young as these – babies have very sensitive skin, so it is most important to choose the best material to provide optimal comfort for your little one.

The most comfortable materials for newborns are 100% cotton and bamboo fabrics because they are breathable, absorbent, strong, and soft and gentle on the skin! Bamboo fabrics definitely win in terms of comfort because they are extra soft and super breathable – one touch and you’ll know why. Best to avoid materials like nylon and polyester because they are warm and bad at absorbing moisture, and may cause skin irritation and rashes. 

You should also consider buying OEKO-TEX® certified clothing, which tells you that the material is tested against substances harmful to humans – safe for your baby to wriggle in! 



For such little creatures, they sure let out a lot! Babies spit up a lot and need lots of diaper changes for when they pee and poop, so you need clothes that are convenient for you to put on and take off of your child.

Get clothes with fasteners like snaps – easy to pop on and off – or zips – easy to slide up and down. Buttons are not such great fasteners for babies because they are harder to use – and you’ll be struggling with doing up the buttons as your little one flails his arms and legs all around!

Also, find clothes made with stretchy materials and with bigger neck and arm openings to prevent having to force the clothing over your baby’s head – you don’t want him screaming in discomfort and terror every time you change his clothes! 



Did you know that items like bows, frills and flowers are choking hazards for your tiny one? They may look pretty, but they are not safe for children at this young age. Wait until your child gets older before you let her wear decorative items like these! You should also avoid drawstrings because they are also strangulation hazards, and choose elastic bands instead. 



Taking all of these factors into consideration, you still can get clothes that are super cute and adorable for your child! There are many baby clothes that are comfortable, safe, and highly functional and still extra stylish for your young one. OETEO’s clothes are made from comfy and quality materials like 100% cotton and bamboo fabrics, designed so that they are super easy to wear, and most adored in style by moms all around Singapore. Conveniently shop our online store and find designs and clothing best-loved by you and your newborn, here

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